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The best home theater system in the world is only as good as how it is set up. The excitement most of us feel anticipating our new system components after the task of planning and assembly is completed.

How to get your home theater running better than you thought was possible!

Home theater Installation is as much art as it is science, so it's important to remember that it's your home theater and your families enjoyment is what matters...

Home Theater Planning

A few hours of planning will make all the difference There are many programs around that let you map out your room and furniture placement, or at least draw a floor plan of your room on a piece of paper and use smaller cut-outs to represent the furniture and A/V equipment. Plan your room accordingly to avoide bad placement of the projection TV due to windows, perhaps drapes, blinds or automatic shutters will be required.

How are the wires to the surround system going to be placed? Under carpets and across open areas is foolish at best. Plan the placement of your system so as to permit the surround wires to be placed along the baseboard of your walls. Wireless systems are nice in theory but not yet up to the standards most of us expect.

Speaker placement is crucial for good sound, so will you use speaker stands for the speakers or wall mounts. Most of all know the weight of the speakers. Make sure the mounts can handle more than the speakers weigh and are secure in the walls. 

Placing equipment on safe and accessible wall units or A/V cabinets have limits to accessing the equipment. And make sure they are strong enough for your system. Add up the weight of each unit before you commit to an entertainment display.

Be sure to understand all stages of setting up your home theater. A few additional moments will save you a lot of time and aggravation. Once completed you will enjoy many hours with your new home theater system. Be especially mindful about measuring the speaker wires, running and connecting the cables behind the equipment and mounting the LCD TV. Proper A/V setup will save time in repairs.

Home Theater Preparation

You can do a lot more than sitting waiting for the delivery of your equipment. Lay out the wires ahead of time. Always get more wire than you think you need. Measure the distances from the place the receiver or amp will be and add ten percent. This will give you enough wire to run the connections through the stand or wall unit and not place tension on the wire and terminals.

Don't secure the wire until everything else is in place. This permits last minute changes for the unexpected. As noted elsewhere on this site, don't try to save a few dollars on your cables, go for a higher end cable like Monster cables, you will see and hear the difference.

Prepare a work surface to lay out the components and the manual before installation begins. Label the wires for easy repair and hook-up during initial installation.

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