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With an ever growing interest in home theater systems in the US, regardless of income level or home size. Home Owners are finding a way to have their theater experience at home.

In the early home video years the VCR was introduced followed by the DVD and now the Blu-ray. The rapid introduction of 3D, LCD and Plasma televisions is growing rapidly in the US. With low cost surround sound systems from Samsung and others, we have a complete home theater.

Today it seems that everyone has the desire to have their own home theater system of one type or another. The basic home theater system might be composed only of a 32" or larger TV with external speakers.

Home theater systems are a combination of electronic components designed to recreate the experience of watching a movie in a theater. CHT creates a home theater that will keep you home in your seat!

The terms 'home theater system' can be a basic TV with simple home theater in a box system or can be a dedicated  media room built  for your home viewing experience.

Results are limited only by your available space and budget. This is why home media rooms and high end home theater systems are growing in popularity with many home builders and remodelers.

The demand for high quality home theater video systems and sound systems is growing and will explode in 2011. And now your home theater seat is available with feeling in your seat.

CHT has the very best in home theater components. From 3D-TV's to sound damping and home theater installation accessories. CHT has everything you need to build your own home theater system, including the popcorn machine!

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