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Hangover Part II

Movie Review by Keith Kelly

'm Keith Kelly. Does "Hangover Part II" give you a buzz-or is it a buzz kill? My review, coming up right-now.

"Hangover Part II" reunites the whole Wolf Pack, and once again puts them thru the ringer. I think this is the first film I've seen where the follow-up is really more a remake than an original story. It's almost a beat for beat rehash, with the only major change being the location-its now Bangkok instead of Vegas. Because this movie is such an exact clone, much of the humor is dissipated because the element of surprise is totally gone. In its place are amped up outrageous acts-but none of them are really funny. Shocking yes-but not hilarious.

Save yourself some money, and re-watch the original instead. "Hangover Part II" is a lazy Hollywood piece of crud-the kind of film that gives sequels a bad name. I could go on-but why bother. For its lack of originality and dearth of real humor, I give it a grade of "C-". I'm Keith Kelly.

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