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Movie Review by Keith Kelly

Finally, a “Predator” movie that lives up to the expectations of the first film from 1987, which starred Arnold the guvanator. This one is called “Predators” (clever, huh?), and is produced by Robert Rodriguez and directed by Nimrod Antal. Unlike the other numerous sequels, this film is actually a satisfying addition to the series--going back to the roots a bit and asking the straightforward question-“What does it take to beat a foe that’s bigger, stronger and faster than you?”

This sci-fi action flick brings with it an interesting “A-List” cast, including a buff Adrien Brody (doing his best “Christian Bale as Batman” voice), a loopy cameo appearance by Laurence Fishburne, Rodriguez favorite Danny Trejo, and a host of other bad-asses, including tough and sexy Alice Braga.

This motion picture doesn’t mess up the concept, like some of the other sequels did, such as setting the hunt in urban environments, or adding armies of Aliens. This chapter sticks pretty close to the first film’s premise—so close, in fact, that this film is almost a remake. But its not-it’s a newer and fresher take which even references the original. Not a lot of depth to the film-but I don’t think you go to a Predator’s movie looking for Shakespeare.

The creatures all look menacing and powerful, and there are some cool new ones. The film is filled with lots of atmospheric surroundings, a couple of funny lines, and a few nice twists to the plot. Predators has solid action right from the first frame, along with some gory special effects, and gruesome kills-everything you would expect in a great Predator film-making it a bloody fun time at the theatre.

I give “Predators” a grade of “B”. I’m Keith Kelly. Keith Kelly TV

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