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The American

Movie Review by Keith Kelly

George Clooney’s latest film, “The American” is a movie I really wanted to like.  It’s got a brooding George, beautiful Italian scenery, intrigue and action, and a “Hitchcockian” look and feel-substituting Mr. Clooney for Cary Grant.  However, it’s pacing is glacial, and any plot twists are telegraphed several times before any real surprises occur.

George plays “Jack”, who is looking for a change in his life.  He wants to get out of his role in the assassination business, find a little love, and settle down, after “One Last Job”.  That’s pretty much the whole plot-spread thinly out over an hour and a half or so.

The film is actually a character study with very little dialogue or action, and will probably disappoint anyone looking for a rousing action flick.  If you go into the film without any preconceptions, however, it does have a certain slow brooding charm.  Clooney’s performance is very understated-in fact the whole film is also.  If you like your movies loud, bold and boisterous (like many Americans are viewed overseas) this movie definitely won’t be your cup of tea.

I give “The American” directed by Anton Corbijn, a grade of C+.  I’m Keith Kelly.

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