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The Last Exorcism

Movie Review by Keith Kelly

“The Last Exorcism”, directed by Daniel Stamm, is one of the best “demon possession” movies in quite awhile. It’s stylish and creepy, and effectively keeps you guessing about things right to the end. Starring a cast of virtual unknowns, this film is a mix of “The Blair Witch Project” and “The Exorcist”, with a touch of “Rosemary’s Baby” thrown in.

Patrick Fabian effectively plays the charismatic but faithless preacher, who is tired of his years of performing fake demon removals. He engages a documentary film crew to follow him as he plans on exposing all the tricks of the trade, live on camera, including hidden speakers pumping out demon noises, wires to rattle things, a smoking crucifix, and a few other literally shocking gimmicks. When he meets his last case, circumstances might be pointing to a real possession. Or is it?

“The Last Exorcism” is scary without being gory, well written, and filled with strong performances. Not as totally terrifying as the original “Exorcist” but a good ride at the theatre nonetheless.

I give “The Last Exorcism”, produced by Eli Roth, a grade of B+. I’m Keith Kelly. Keith Kelly TV

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